Online Brokers & Trading Platforms in Singapore

Singapore trade

While choosing an online brokerage account in Singapore, you should first think about the types of trading products you plan to invest in. For example, you might want to trade in US stocks, CFDs, gold, REITs, or equities. If you prefer one that offers both, you may want to consider a broker with a platform that offers both. Moreover, you should consider whether your chosen online brokerage firm offers a wide range of trading tools, which is crucial to your decision.


With an award-winning research team and web trading platforms, CGS-CIMB securities is one of the best online brokerages in Singapore. The firm’s analysts cover over 800 stocks across eight countries, making them one of the largest and most comprehensive research teams in the region. These capabilities allow the firm to connect clients with potential investments and provide fundamental analysis of important markets that align with technical analysis. As a result, CGS-CIMB offers clients the highest level of technical support and security.

The company provides leveraged borrowings for shares, and offers low commission fees on Buy trades. Customers can enjoy interest-free borrowing for up to 12 calendar days, and leverage of up to three and a half times cash collateral. The company’s iTrade stocks trading platform provides a 14-day free trial, though it’s not available in all jurisdictions. However, CGS-CIMB doesn’t provide general demo accounts. Despite the firm’s background, it’s unlikely that it will offer promotional deals in the near future.

Another online brokerage firm in Singapore, Tiger Brokers, has a long history of reliability and competitive pricing. Its online trading platform offers a diverse range of trading instruments, as well as debt consolidation loans and gifts of stocks. In addition, Tiger Brokers has a low minimum deposit and offers multi-market trading in just one account. The company also provides 24 hour news, free level 2 market data, and managed portfolios.

Apart from Singapore, CIMB also has branches in other countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Their online brokerage services are available to both institutional and retail traders. However, if you’re looking to invest overseas, it’s advisable to choose a brokerage that offers access to the markets you wish to trade. This way, you can avoid any unnecessary charges and fees on your trades.


iOCBC Online Brokers & Trade Platforms Singapore offers Direct Market Access to 15 stock markets, hundreds of assets and leveraged trading. Its simple platform and low minimum balance make it a good choice for first-time investors, but there are some cons. New traders should be aware of high fees, which can significantly reduce their returns. For this reason, they should check the fees before they open their accounts.

iOCBC is one of the oldest stock brokerage firms in Singapore. The company has been around for over 20 years and is highly regulated and fully compliant with local regulation. It has positive trader feedback and offers several account types, from personal to premium. Customers can also take advantage of its reward scheme and unlock a slew of benefits. Traders will find thousands of assets to trade and make money.

iOCBC Online Brokers & Trade Platforms Singapore are a great option for beginning traders. They offer six different types of accounts and include a custodian account option. Leverage terms depend on the type of account you choose. You can choose between a Forex and Leveraged Futures Account. Leverage can range from 0.7 to 1:40. For more advanced traders, there are multiple online trading platforms.

If you’re a novice trader, it can be hard to know what to do. A free demo account can help you learn the ropes of trading. It’s also a great way to evaluate the services of a broker. If you’re not happy with iOCBC Online Brokers & Trading Platforms Singapore, you can always open a free trial with another broker.

Lim & Tan Securities

If you’re considering investing in the stock market, consider using the online brokerage and trading platform provided by Lim & Tan Securities. As a Singapore-based firm, LTS has a solid reputation among traders and investors. They offer a number of convenient features, such as a mobile app. GIRO service lets users set up automatic write off payments and receive SMS notifications when orders are fulfilled in the US or Hong Kong. Users can also earn reward points when they trade shares through their trading platform. The downside is the high fees, ranging from $25 to 0.28 percent.

The fees vary from one account to another, but they’re generally lower for lower accounts than the other two. Moreover, you get longer interest-free periods for some investments. For example, if you invest $50,000 or less, the fees are 0.4%, while you’ll pay 0.22% for trading $50,000 to $100,000. Similarly, if you invest over $100,000, you’ll pay 0.32%. Nevertheless, keep in mind that fees can change without notice.

The Lim & Tan Securities online broker ‘i3investor’ portal does not own any of the company’s logo images. It does not recommend any particular brokerage company, so there’s no need to worry about their legitimacy. Its online trading platform is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. With the Lim & Tan Securities online broker & trading platform, it’s easier than ever to trade shares and commodities on the internet. The company’s award-winning research team specializes in Asian stocks and provides comprehensive analysis and insights.

Other online brokerage firms that offer trading platforms for investors in Southeast Asia include Boom (Monex) and CIMB. Both have good interfaces but are lagging behind on execution. CIMB and DBS don’t provide services in the Philippines. In addition, Lim & Tan requires that each investor create separate accounts for each country they invest in. However, the commissions charged for trading in Asia are generally low.

OANDA Corporation

If you’re looking for a trading platform in Singapore, look no further than OANDA Corporation. This company’s web-based trading platform includes a wide range of features, including customizable charts and advanced studies. It also has a rich economic calendar and API access, which can help you analyze market data. In addition, OANDA has several analytical tools including a market-moving news feed, a customizable watchlist, and volatility analysis. Despite its relatively modest selection of trading platforms, OANDA is still a safe and reliable option.

This online trading platform is powered by a suite of innovative technologies that make it easy to trade in different asset classes. The fxTrade trading platform offers four basic types of order, including market orders, stop-loss orders, and trailing stop-loss orders. It also provides relevant information on your order ticket, ensuring your trading experience is as smooth as possible. OANDA is a reliable and well-known broker in Singapore.

OANDA provides various deposit methods, including credit cards and bank transfers. The company also accepts payment via PayPal, electronic wallets, and Automated Clearing House. Bank transfers may take several days, but payments made with a credit or debit card are instantaneous. Withdrawal options are the same as deposits, although withdrawals are generally free of charge. For those who prefer to use debit cards or credit cards, OANDA’s withdrawal methods are also free.

OANDA’s spreads are not particularly high compared to other online trading platforms in Singapore. The firm’s minimum deposit is one unit of the base currency being quoted, but it does offer nano lots. In addition, it publishes historical data on its website. Margin requirements vary depending on the account type and leverage. There are several other advantages of OANDA Corporation as an online trading platform in Singapore.

Tiger Brokers

Established in 2020, Tiger Brokers is one of the most popular online brokers in Singapore. Founded by Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, this investment firm operates globally. The company is regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), ASIC, and the Financial Services Authority of New Zealand. Its investing platform allows traders to buy and sell stocks, as well as trade in indices, commodities, and metals. Its competitive commission fees and easy access to global markets have made Tiger Brokers the preferred brokerage for active stock traders.

This online brokerage has a low fee structure and offers a range of investment products. Its innovative Know-Your-Client processes are powered by artificial intelligence and big data, making account approval a quick process. These KYC processes are connected with the company’s MyInfo portal, which enables users to complete forms faster and without any hassle. Apart from a low fee structure, Tiger Brokers is also known for its zero commissions campaign.

Aside from offering low commission fees, Tiger Brokers offers lifetime commission-free trading in the US market. However, this comes with a high barrier to entry for investors in the foreign market. Tiger Brokers does not publish the details of its fee structures on its official website. With its low trading fees, Tiger Brokers is a good choice for investors in Singapore and other parts of Asia. If you’re a new investor, Tiger Brokers is a good choice.

The Zero Commission campaign by Tiger Brokers has been extended to other Asian markets. In Singapore, it initially applied to US stocks and Hong Kong and has now expanded to include China A-Shares. This is a pioneering move in the Asian market. It’s also timely, considering continued macroeconomic uncertainty. Despite the low commissions, investors should still maintain a diversified portfolio to minimize volatility.