Online Brokers & Trading Platforms in Romania

Romania trading

If you’re thinking about using an online broker to trade in Romania, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find a review of some of the top brokerages in the country, including eToro, XM Group, Roboforex, and XTB. All of these companies are reputable and offer a wide range of services.


eToro is one of the largest online brokers in Romania. They offer a wide range of financial services to traders from all backgrounds and experience levels. For example, their copy trading service allows you to follow other traders and invest in their portfolios. The service also gives you valuable statistics and news feed comments to track your trading performance. It also provides customer support round the clock to answer any questions you may have.

Romanian traders can take advantage of this service through social trading. This platform allows you to copy trades made by other investors, as well as invest in their pre-built portfolios. You can also trade independently on the platform, with a variety of real stocks, ETFs, and commodities.

eToro’s trading platform is available on a variety of devices. The user interface is easy to use and offers a full range of financial instruments. The platform also offers mobile apps and downloadable software to make trading even easier. Its advanced trading tools enable traders to place buy and sell orders from anywhere.

Trading platforms have become more popular in Romania. The increased availability of computers, the internet, and mobile devices has made trading more accessible to Romanian traders. Romanians can now easily buy and sell financial instruments and manage their portfolios from their smartphones.

eToro has become one of the world’s leading fintech startups. Its goal is to revolutionize the trading industry, with over 25 million users. While you’re trading stocks, ETFs, and other financial products on the platform, you can follow the trades of highly profitable traders and learn from their strategies. Moreover, eToro offers commission-free stock and ETF trading in Romania.

XM Group

XM Group Online Brokers & Trade Romania offers a number of trading services to its customers. One such service is CFD trading in commodities. This speculative investment is based on the price movement of a specific commodity and is available to a wide range of investors. It offers the added flexibility of using leverage to increase exposure, as well as automated trades.

XM Group Online Brokers & Trade Romania provides clients with access to over 250 different financial instruments and includes extensive educational resources. These include eBooks, webinars, and market indicators. In addition, the company recently launched a dedicated learning platform for its customers. One drawback is that XM Romania does not provide its services in the Romanian language.

Investors can choose from amongst a variety of trading instruments, including futures contracts and physical commodities. A futures contract is a standard legal contract between two unrelated parties to purchase or sell a specified item at a predetermined price at a certain future date. In contrast, a physical option requires a direct acquisition of the product, which requires more funds. Still, many investors prefer futures options.

XM excels in providing education for its clients. It hosts free webinars on popular topics and invests heavily in user education. Its XM Live Education service offers Q&A sessions in the language of the user. The educational materials are designed for novice traders and those who wish to improve their skills. Additionally, XM offers live analysis of various markets.

XM Romania is one of the most popular online trading platforms in the country. It offers a wide variety of stocks, as well as access to global equities. Its stock portfolio contains stocks from seventeen different national equity markets, including the Russian and European markets. Additionally, it offers CFDs on 8 soft commodities.


Online trading in Romania has experienced a surge over the past few years, and there are many options for traders. While it may be tempting to choose the first broker you come across, you should keep a few things in mind before signing up. First, you should check the minimum deposit amount and user-friendliness of the platform. You also need to verify your identity. This can be done with your national ID, passport, driving license, bank statements, or utility bills.

MT5 is a modern version of MT4, offering more technical indicators and depth of market, which lets you see global bid prices. It also has twice as many timeframes in its charting tools. The MT5 platform is not just for CFD trading but also allows traders to invest in a variety of financial assets including stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies. MT5 is also 64-bit, making it faster than its predecessor.

As with any currency trading, the risk of losing your money is higher when trading a commodity CFD. However, if you are an experienced trader, commodity CFDs can be a powerful investment tool. These instruments are a fraction of the price of the underlying commodity and can help you make big profits even in a downturn. Besides, CFDs also allow you to automate trades and use leverage to increase your position exposure.

When choosing an online broker, it is important to find one that is both safe and reliable. Ensure that the broker you choose is licensed by the ASF and supports Romanian users. After finding a reliable broker, you can then register for an account on the broker’s website. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you can fund your account using a credit or debit card or through an international payment system. Depending on your needs, you can start trading with your new account and earn money through the difference in the prices of currencies.


The growing economy of Romania has created a huge demand for raw materials and basic commodities. Investing in Romanian trading platforms gives you a stake in listed companies and shares in their profits through dividends. The price of stocks can go up or down based on how the Romanian financial market perceives them.

Today, more investors are trading using their mobile phones instead of computers. Whether it’s to monitor and track prices, receive notifications or open a position, mobile trading is very convenient and useful. Today, leading Romanian brokers offer mobile trading apps that are both easy to use and highly intuitive.

The online forex market in Romania doesn’t seem like a powerhouse when measured in volume, but Romanian retail traders have long dabbled in forex trading, using various brokerages on the local market. However, the local authorities have struggled to regulate unregulated Forex brokers. These brokers peddle their services to the Romanian public on anonymous internet platforms.

The financial market in Romania is growing rapidly, with Romanians now being able to trade foreign currencies without a bank account. In Romania, the foreign exchange market is regulated by the Central Bank of Romania and the Financial Supervisory Authority of Romania. In addition, the Romanian financial industry is MIFID-compliant, which means that Romanian traders can also trade with brokers and exchange houses from other EU countries.


Pepperstone is a Romanian online broker and trading platform that offers an extensive range of resources for traders of all levels. This user-friendly platform includes charts, technical indicators, and watchlists, allowing traders to set up trades quickly and monitor them closely. It also includes an Autochartist program that generates trade ideas based on technical analysis patterns. Lastly, the platform allows for social trading and copy trading.

Pepperstone provides a number of customer support options, including Live Chat, email, and free-phone telephone. The website includes a FAQ section that lists frequently asked questions. These FAQs appear to be geared towards directing traders toward opening accounts and trading. Pepperstone offers a mobile app, but the platform’s navigation isn’t always as intuitive as it should be. It’s easy to accidentally log out of your account while switching screens, but it’s important to avoid doing this if you don’t need to.

Pepperstone accepts a variety of funding methods, including Visa/MasterCard. Its minimum deposit amount is 200 units of the base currency. Withdrawals are processed through the same funding method as deposits. In addition, it is important to note that the European regulator, ESMA, has prohibited CFD brokers from offering bonuses to retail investors in Europe.

When trading with Pepperstone, make sure to maintain your account’s margin requirements. If you fail to meet these margins, you risk being hit with a margin call. Typically, the margin requirement is 50%. Withdrawals can be made via various methods, such as a bank wire. However, you should keep in mind that these withdrawals can take a day or two to reach your bank account.

Pepperstone provides access to global markets. While its main focus is on the UK/EU market, it has a wide range of international clients. Although it is not available in all countries, it offers access to a range of forex pairs.