Miror trading

Miror trading

The mirror trader’s main goal is to replicate the trades of an experienced trader, or trader group, and gain the same profit or loss as the trader group. This is achieved by the mirror trader following the same trades as the experienced trader, and executing the trades in the same time frame as the experienced trader. This is a very effective strategy for short-term traders, but has its disadvantages, such as the potential for large losses if the experienced trader has a large drawdown.

This strategy can be applied to the forex market or any other financial market. In this article, we will be discussing the mirror trading strategies that are applied to the forex market. We will be discussing the best mirror trading strategies for the forex market, the strategies used by the best traders in the forex market, and how to become a successful mirror trader.

Since its conception, the strategy has been criticized for its use of a copy trading strategy. The use of a strategy based on the forex market movements of experienced traders has been controversial and is often criticized as being a form of “cheating”.

In the forex market, a mirror trader will enter a position in the forex market in the same time frame as an experienced forex trader. The mirror trader will follow the same trade, and when the experienced trader has exited the position, the mirror trader will exit the position at the same time. The mirror trader’s goal is to trade in the forex market as an experienced trader would, by copying the trades of the experienced trader.

A mirror trader’s selection of a trade will be based on the forex market movements of an experienced trader. The experienced trader will have entered a trade at a particular time and has a particular exit strategy in mind. The mirror trader will use the experienced trader’s exit strategy as a reference for determining the end of a trade.

A mirror trader may use a different time frame than the experienced trader. The mirror trader may use a shorter time frame than the experienced trader, or a longer time frame. The time frame chosen by the mirror trader will be the time frame in which the mirror trader is most comfortable trading.

Software programs for mirror trading

ForeverForex is another online trading service that offers automated forex trading and stock trading.

Forex robots are software programs that simulate trading using the strategy of a professional trader. The robots are able to learn and adapt to the trends of the market, but do not have the ability to learn a strategy on their own. Most robots are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They use indicators such as moving averages, MACD and stochastics to determine when to enter and exit trades. The major drawback to the robots is that they are very difficult to use. There is a steep learning curve and the strategy must be programmed in advance. The robots are also very expensive, costing between $1,000 and $10,000 per month.

In addition to the robot, some trading platforms allow the user to trade using a strategy that is programmed into the software. These strategies are often written by professional traders who are hired by the platform to provide the software with trading strategies.

In summary, automated trading can be used to help an individual avoid the emotions associated with trading. It can also be used to help an individual learn the art of trading.

Automated trading software

Forex and stock market robots are software programs that simulate trading using the strategy of a professional trader.

Pros and Cons of Mirror Trading

Wherever possible, it is always advisable to verify results by trading on the same platform that was used to test the strategy.


Flexible: Because mirror trading is an automated trading strategy, it allows investors to set their own stop loss and take profit levels. As a result, investors can customize the strategy to their own trading preferences. This is particularly useful for new traders who may be uncomfortable with making a trade without knowing how far they should go.

Accurate: Trading strategies that use technical indicators are often inaccurate. However, mirror trading uses technical indicators to calculate a strategy’s performance, which ensures that the results are accurate. In addition, the software is able to distinguish between true and false signals, which allows it to filter out losing trades and increase the likelihood of profitable trades.


Requires investor’s personal account: To use mirror trading, investors must open an account at a forex broker that offers the strategy. Because it is an automated trading strategy, mirror trading can only be used on an investor’s personal account. This means that the strategy can only be used to make money from a single source of capital. It cannot be used to generate income by reinvesting profits from other investments.